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Thursday 21st November | 23 comments

This half term, KS2 children are making the traditional Greek dish spanakopita. This consists of spinach and feta cheese, seasoned and wrapped in filo pastry then baked until crispy.

Dicing vegetables and using frying pans and ovens safely are skills that will be used and practised.

Click here to see the recipe

23 responses to “Spanakopita”

  1. Archie says:

    It was good to make but I didn’t like it. Charlie did though.

    From Archie and Charlie

  2. Ibraheem Usman says:

    I made spanakopita but as I was taking it out of the pan and I spilt it!

  3. Matilda says:

    I liked making it and drawing the spanakopita.
    It was delicious!

  4. Emily says:

    I loved making it
    from Isabelle and Emily from 4B

  5. Ibraheem Usman says:

    It was so yummy – even the filo pastry. My partner and I liked it.

  6. Isabelle says:

    It was very fun to make and it was lovely. -Isabelle 4B

  7. Emily says:

    It was fun making it and I loved it
    from Emily 4B

  8. Alfie's and Billy's comment says:

    Alfie: I love it! It’s very nice you should try it. Me and Billy had loads of fun cooking it with Mel. It’s one of the best I have made at school. Please try make it or buy it at a shop. BEST EVER!!!!

    Billy: I love our Spanakopita it is lovely and delicious so yummy and mouthwatering I would rate it 5 STARS (Please try it)

  9. Nathan says:

    It is so delicously good and smells like heaven.
    commented by Nathan.

  10. Faran the Anwar says:

    It is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Harry Preston says:

    It is absolutely delicious and was a pleasure to make.

  12. Alfie D, Max H, and Lucas says:

    Alfie: This was by far the best thing we’ve made since year 3.
    Max: The best thing was crumbling the Feta Cheese.
    Lucas: I love the taste of the Spanakopita.☺

  13. Sahil says:

    It was easy to make even though the spinach was hard to breakdown in the pan.The top layering was scrumptious but I didn’t like the filling(onions,spinach.)

  14. Lauren says:

    It was not my cup o’ tea but it might be yours. In my opinion i did not like the filling because of the texture and the taste 3/5 stars. I enjoyed the cooking lesson with Mell

  15. josef safir ahmad anwar says:

    Today we have made spanakopita. This is a yummy food for dinner and you should try it. My result is…….3/5.I hope you enjoyed this comment.

  16. Theo says:

    I had lots of fun making spanakopita my favourite part was crushing the garlic because the garlic came out like grated cheese.

  17. Arthur Lightfoot says:

    Today we made Spanakopita. Some of my friends did not like it and some did.

  18. Arish says:


    This lesson was so good I loved the food and it was fun making Spanakopitia

  19. milo says:

    This lesson we were making spanakopita and
    it’s great!

  20. Daniel says:

    This lesson we made spanakopita and it looks

  21. Daniel says:

    This lesson we made spanakopita and it looks
    AMAZING!Also it’s very tasty

  22. Erin says:

    Today we made spanak opita and it tasted okay. But some people didn’t like it as much.

  23. Abigail says:

    This lesson we make Spanakopita!
    some people liked it some people didn’t i loved it though!

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