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3D Group 1

Wednesday 28th January | 4 comments

Super knowledge from 3D about bread needing to rise.  Particularly from Elsie who wowed me with information about proving!

4 responses to “3D Group 1”

  1. Gurkeiret,Ben and Kieron and lewis says:

    Today we have made bread and we enjoyed it. The most important thing in bread was the yeast and the yeast ate the sugar. Today I have learnt that yeast is inportant because it helps the bread to rise.

  2. Elsie,Eva and Arooj says:

    We liked putting in the yeast because it made bubbly burps! COOKING IS EXCLENT! Try making cheese and herb bread at home, it will be really FUN! Today I learnt that yeast is important when making bread because it make’s the bread rise by eating the sugar,burping out carbon dioxide.

  3. Olivia + Harneet + Logan says:

    Today I learnt that Yeast is important because extends the height if the bread so it helps it rise.
    Today I learnt that yeast is important because it it is alive and eats all the sugar.
    This helps the bread rise.

    We all enjoyed cooking this week.

  4. Lucy M-S says:

    Today I learned that yeast is important because it likes the sugar so it eats the sugar and “burps” out carbon dioxide,
    that makes it nice and fluffy! Also you have to knead the bread because the carbon dioxide is in swirls so then when you knead it it makes it into a glueten network and it is like a cage.

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