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5H Group 3

Thursday 22nd January | 7 comments

The work that years five and six have already done on microbes was really evident in today’s lesson.  They were able to tell me all about yeast and how helpful it can be.  We even talked about gluten networks!

7 responses to “5H Group 3”

  1. Ewan says:

    I have learnt gluten are swirly but when you knead the bread until the gluten becomes a web. You put sugar salt yeast and flour. The bread burps out carbon dioxide.

  2. sam says:

    I learnt that yeast can burp. We knead because yeast needs to stretch

  3. Emma says:

    You have to kneed bread because it turns all the gluten spirals into nets.
    Yeast creates bubbles in the dough which makes the bread rise.
    I absolutely loved this lesson.

  4. Sanjeevan says:

    You have to knead bread because so the herbs and cheese goes in the dough.Today I learnt that yeast is important because when making bread because it eats the sugar and burps carbon dioxide and helps it rise. I enjoyed it.

  5. Choe says:

    Today I learnt that yeast is important because the bread would not rise.
    I enjoyed making the bread beacause when I was needing the bread it felt really weird
    And the it tased awesome

  6. Louis says:

    Today at cooking I have learnt what kneading does and that carbon dioxide makes bread rise.

  7. Hatti says:

    I learnt that yeast eats the sugar and pumps out carbon dioxide wich made bubbles wich made it rise.

    Gluten makes a net wich keeps the carbon dioxide in.

    This was a very fun lesson and I loved my yummy bread.

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