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5H Group 2

Thursday 15th January | 8 comments

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8 responses to “5H Group 2”

  1. Blaise says:

    Best cooking lesson ever

  2. Gurveer says:

    Yeast creates carbon dioxide in the dough which makes the bread rise.

  3. Gurveer says:

    I loved this lesson because it had flour in it.

  4. Rhys says:

    Bread needs yeast because it makes it raise.

  5. Blaise says:

    I learnt that yeast creates Carbon Dioxide (Gas) in the dough, Which makes the bread rise!

  6. Beth says:

    Today I learnt that yeast is important because it eats away at the sugar and then burps out the carbon dioxide which makes the bread rise.

  7. Kayleigh and Beth says:

    We liked the cheese and herb bread very much because it was very cheesed.

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