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3C group 2

Wednesday 14th January | 4 comments





4 responses to “3C group 2”

  1. Geethanjali and Liza says:

    We learned that yeast helps bread rise.

    We learned what the word knead means,mixing up the dough!

  2. Ham,caid,rohan says:

    We have learned that if you don’t put the yeast and sugar the doe doesn’t rise .
    The yeast creates carbon dioxide.

  3. Mason, George and Ollie says:

    When yeast eats sugar it burps carbon dioxide. Yeast creates carbon dioxide in the dough which makes the bread rise.

  4. Rose and harleen says:

    We have learnt that yeast is inportant when making bread because it won’t rise if you don’t put it in.

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