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5/6t group 2

Monday 12th January | 11 comments

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11 responses to “5/6t group 2”

  1. J.lo says:

    Today I learnt when you put hot water in yeast it burbs sending out all the carbon dioxide.

  2. Jonathan says:

    In cooking this week,I learnt that yeast is needed to make bread because when they heat up they start to eat the sugar which makes them “burp” out carbon dioxide making the bread rise.

  3. Eeshal says:

    This wonderful cooking lesson we made bred. I learnt lots of different things. These are the things that I learnt: Yeast eats sugar, you have to knead bread for 10 minutes and the yeast burps.

  4. J.lo says:

    I learnt that you need t put flour on the table when you knead the dough

  5. Jacob says:

    Yeast in the bread creates carbon dioxide witch the yeast burped out! When you need the bread the gluten goes strong and straight.

    Awesome cooking lesson with mrs carney!

  6. Javiria says:

    In this cooking lesson I have learnt that when you add sugar in the flour and yeast the yeast eats the sugar ,and that yeast creates carbon dioxide in the dough which makes the bread rise.

  7. Faye says:

    When the yeast Is I the oven it slowly starts to rise.
    When the yeast is pored into the bowle it is in there asleep to wake it up you have to por the water in that’s how you wake up the yeast then the yeast starts to eat the suger and then it burps out the carbandioxied.
    The leson was the best SO FAR!!!

  8. Emaan says:

    In this cooking lesson we have made bread. I have learnt that the yeast eats the sugar and it burps it out. Yeast creates Carbon Dioxide in the dough which makes the bread rise. You need to put flour on the table so the bread doesn’t stick to the table.

    I really enjoyed cooking thank you Mrs Carney for teaching us cooking!


  9. Lucy a says:

    Today I have learned that when you put the yeast in to the bowl it is asleep and you wake it by loop water then it eats the suger and burp the carbon dioxide. I have also learnd that you have to knead the bread because it would be doughie and it wouldn’t be more spreded .

  10. mrtiffany says:

    I think that you have all done really well and hear and have felt obliged to try every batch that has been cooked. Every time it has been beautiful!

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